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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gypsy Soul

Failed Chameleon - Fucshia Lizard Sunning on a Gray Rock

The gypsy soul is always searching; never content with things as they appear. The way things appear is not reality at all. Does the way you appear always convey the way your mind is working at any given moment? If you have adapted to this world, you may have learned the art of blending in.

Blending in is the most self-protective stance we can take. It is the most fearful way of living possible. Revealing yourself and becoming vulnerable enables you to discover true fellowship. Becoming intimate with another human being is a scary thing, but being authentic is the only way to avoid "imposter syndrome."


If we believe something, yet act in a way that merely blends in with the status quo, we are not being authentic. We are being FAKE, PHONY, UNREAL; in effect, we are duplicitous deceivers.

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